Closure regelt alle opzeggingen en contractovernames voor u na een overlijden.

Van telefoonabonnement en verzekering tot aan social media.


Spreker bij Rotterdam100: Co-founder Graciëlla van Hamersveld

 - 6 april 2018

Bron: Rotterdam100

Rotterdam 100, is een initiatief van Stichting Maatschappij en Ondernemen in samenwerking met onder andere Gemeente Rotterdam, TNO en Unilever. Het heeft als missie jonge talenten van over de hele wereld in staat te stellen bij te dragen aan de toekomstige economie van Rotterdam. In 2017 was Graciëlla nog betrokken als deelneemster, en deed ze mee aan de 24 uur's creation Battle. Dit jaar is Graciëlla van Hamersveld spreker bij Rotterdam100 om de huidige deelnemers te inspireren en motiveren. In het interview vertelt Graciëlla over haar ervaring bij Rotterdam 100 en bovenal over haar passie voor Closure.

Centraal Meldpunt Overlijden

Wist u dat alle bedrijven dezelfde informatie bij u uitvragen? Goede doelen, telefoonleveranciers, energiepartijen, banken en zelfs social media. Bij Closure hoeft u daarom maar één keer uw gegevens door te geven. Wij informeren voor u alle bedrijven.


Graciëlla van Hamersveld spreker bij Rotterdam100: What are you currently doing?

I am currently working in both of my own companies. I have a food truck called Waikiki, that sells pole bowls because I love food! But I also started a company called Closure, together with a friend of mine. Closure is a service for both the bereaved as well as companies; it is a two sided platform that one the side provides a form that they can fill in one time so that they do have to email all companies where the deceased had a subscription. Our will service will do this. On the other side we subsidize data so that a company does not have to put precious time in processing of the data.

That sounds super interesting! How did this come about?

My co-founder is econometrist as well and before this, she was a payment consultant at Innopay and I was intern at KLM when something quite strange wast happening in the world that made us come up with the idea. In May, the new GDPR will issue the new legislation and regulations, which in turn, includes a great deal of regulation concerning a person’s life. When you die as a person, you are no longer a natural person, but you are also not part of the GPR anymore. When we thought about a person’s next of kin, we thought we could unburden people. And then during that process it appeared that you could also unburden companies, which made the whole concept so much nicer, because we have such a construction that companies benefit and pay for the next of kin, making it free for the unburden relatives. We both decided to take some time off and launch our company!